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A cross between a pump and a shoe. they are going to be the next big thing, there are currently a nice pair of Fred Perry's available in Schuh but soon everyone will bring them out.
They're a damn sexy pair of shumps you have on there
by THE BADASS DAN June 28, 2009
1 16
Unknown; something Dr. Peter Shumpmaker's ancestors no doubt built.
"...The guy is Dr. Peter Shumpmaker. Lord knows what a 'shump' is but you can bet your bippy his ancestors made them." -Shoreleave
by Koros December 15, 2009
91 24
Shoot 'em Up
"DonPachi" is one of my favorite Shumps!
by zer0hue August 03, 2003
88 56
in video games, short for the Shoot 'em up genre.
Mushihimesama Futari is considered to be one of the world's hardest shumps.
by Brightstar March 19, 2007
57 46
To take a dump and then take a shower without leaving the bathroom. Wiping is optional. Variaton: shamp - To take a dump while in the shower.
Last night I took a monster shump.
Tom had to take a shower after football practice, but he couldn't hold in his dump, so he just took a shump.
by Stew G December 16, 2006
29 32
shit plus a dump
"I just took a huge shump in your toilet."
by BlackFalcon448 December 01, 2011
6 12
the act of silent humping
"I need to get that girl into the bathroom stall for a quick shump."
by googgaggle July 14, 2006
42 48