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Breed of evolutionary pokemon that possesses 15 testicles in 3 enlarged scrotum which they use to wrap around their bodies at night for 'warmth'.

When confronted, randomly charges and shrieks "SHUGA!LALALA" in the same way Xena the warrior princess does. The "!" in their vocab represents a phonetic dental click from the tongue. Primary method of communication with humans consists of spitting in our faces, which is convenient since they secretes caustic soda acid from their salivary glands.

Only known method of repulsion would be smearing their faces with the fart from your hand. Cousins of the zohkrasalehki, although the later is much more aggressive to deal with.
"Why, is that a ZohkraSalehki?"

" not quite. It's a shuga!lalamaboboface you can because they're charging us. They've got some balls don't they?"

"Oh yes they do actually. Literally, 15 of them."

pokemon, zohkrasalehki, shugalalamaboboface, scrotum, testicles, xena
by tbagzzz June 18, 2010
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