has eaten so much cock in his life his own cock has grown to abnormal lengths this "power dick" as people now know it has the power to rape chuck norris and become the NEW chuck norris
by rikimaru2312 May 10, 2011
Top Definition
can be interchanged with almost any word. can be something good, can be something you shouldn't have done, could be something bad ass. i haven't really heard the term outside the dc area but i'm probably mistaken.
Tammy: I just hooked up with Jen's boyfriend
Sara: Awwwwwww shucky now
by shittalking sara April 27, 2007
It's an adjective. It means something badass, something you shouldn't have done, describes tough situations. Its another word for sooky. It's also used to replace foul language.
Jon: Look at my new Mustang
Eric: Awwwwwwwww shucky now

Tammy: I banged Megan's boyfriend last night cuz I don't like her
Sara: Awwwwww shucky shucky
by vababygirl79 May 07, 2007
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