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The act of fucking and shelving simultaneously. Firstly, a pill (usually ecstasy) needs to be inserted into the tip of the penis. Then you start fucking someone in the ass (preferably a girl) and when you cum the pill will shoot into her anus. This is perfect for the type of girl who doesn't receive enough of a high from simply shelving.
I'm tired of shelving. I wanna try Shucking.... Shuck me cunt!
by Doggggiieeeees May 16, 2011
5 7
a slang term used by blues artists/musicians to describe milling around and shuffling in a melancholy mood.
"janis was shucking around the bar."

"robert was shucking as he left the stage."

"i was just shucking around town."
by Clare Murray February 11, 2008
24 8
A slang term used by Emergency Medical Services providers to describe the act of transporting non-emergency patients between different health facilities. The patient being transported is usually old and in need of a ride from a Hospital to a Nursing Home or vice versa. It is the equivilant of giving people taxi-rides in ambulances. The little skills used by the EMS providers, coupled with the fact that the call is not an emergency, makes it a very unsatisfying part of the job.

Shucking is usually done by private for-profit commercial ambulance agencies.
"We were shucking a patient from St. Marys Hospital to Our Lady of Hope Nursing Home."

Q:"How many calls did you do?
A:"A bunch of shucks, and a couple of 911 calls."
by Mike Jewchaski November 15, 2006
7 8
to suck on something, but mispronouncing the word, because you ARe sucking
I'll be shucking your corn cobs tonight!
by Nik and Mauricio May 07, 2007
7 12
the act of releasing fecal matter while engaging in sexual intercourse. the act is usually performed on a toilet but can be done in bed. however it is advised to lay down some sort of plastic covering to provide easy clean-up.
So, I was about do this girl last night and i suddenly got the urge to take a dump. I thought I could hold it but about half way through, I was prairie doggin' it. We totally ended up shucking in my bathroom.
by Lonely_Hitchhiker March 07, 2009
2 11
Female masturbation.

Adapted from its original meaning of "the shelling of clams and oysters".
She can go shuck herself.
by Shane Lyons May 04, 2005
5 16