1. a person that is extremley stupid, annoying, or you just dont like them.

2. it can be used as a substitute for a swear word
1. wow, shelby is a complete shub
2. wow, you son of a shub!......... i want some shubbing chips!
by bug777/pietastsgood May 31, 2011
Similar to its close cousin the Chub. The chub is a semi flaccid semi erect penis with a 90 degree angle. A chub occurs when you see a girl from behind who you think is extremely hot then you see her face and relies she is hideous.
I saw that girl pass by at lunch before and almost popped a boner until she turned around and i saw her face. I just ended up with a hanging shub instead.
by Chubster69 February 27, 2012
A Norf london ting
$ slang 4 club
1) anywher da shubs at baby....
by Steffi January 02, 2005
An acronym for a common method of cleansing oneself in the shower - "Soapy Hand Up Butt". Most common among males.
Mom: "Did you wash well?"

Son: "Yep. I shubbed"
by Lostbui January 07, 2010
Smoking Hot Ugly Bitch, a.k.a the top of the bottom, butter face, good from far but far from good. A woman with an amazing body and no face what so ever.
Damn that bitch is a shub!

That bitch is shubbin!

Ey Yo Shub!
by JAPson February 05, 2010
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