It's a Process: A girl who leads on every guy by telling them bull shit so it makes her seem like all that, then hooks up with them, during this process she somehow makes them absolutely fall in love with her. When the WHOLE TIME she doesn't even like them. Then finds a new guy to do this to. And another, and another, and another.
Daisy is such a Shub!
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A shubs is a house party
i'm gonna have a shubs on friday
by blackNbeautiful May 04, 2005
Verb: Variation of "shart" occurring in the bathtub. An anal release in a bathtub intended to be a fart that unintentionally contains fecal matter. A portmanteau of “shit” and “tub.”

Noun: An objectionable person, or undesired company, derived from the verb form of shub; a reference to the little unwanted turd in the tub after shubbing.
Noun use:
Person 1: How was your bath?
Person 2: Good until I shubbed. Then I basically had to start over from scratch.
Person 1: Nasty.

Verb use:
Person 1: See that dude over there by the Twilight poster? I met him at a party last week and he was a total chode.
Person 2: Seriously, I work with him. He’s past chode status; he’s a hardcore shub. Also, Twilight sucked.
by dilbrent March 26, 2010
1. A top bloke i.e. a sick c*nt, legend, champion, etc.
2. A top chick i.e. a sick b*tch.
3. An attractive female.
1. Thanks for your help man, you're a shub!
2. Your mum is pretty cool man, she's a shub!
3. Check out the hottie! She's a shuuuub!!! ;)
by Albz December 07, 2014
A delicious oversized sub sandwich
I can't wait to eat the fuck out of that shub.
by Shoap Shudz July 05, 2013
The unfortunate need to go for a shit at the pub (the local bar or 'pub'). Often an unpleasant experience due to the condition of most public house toilets
Two mates arrive at the local public house (bar) and three beers in...
Mate 1: Damn I need a shit
Mate 2: Man you should have gone before you left home there's no locks on the doors in there and piss everywhere
Mate 1: I didn't need to go at home...this shub is gonna be hell
Mate 2: Sucks to be you man...
by AviWoo September 21, 2011
1. a person that is extremley stupid, annoying, or you just dont like them.

2. it can be used as a substitute for a swear word
1. wow, shelby is a complete shub
2. wow, you son of a shub!......... i want some shubbing chips!
by bug777/pietastsgood May 31, 2011
In first nations language, it means "shit" or "poo". It has been used widely by first nations peoples of British Columbia, Canada.
Person 1: Excuse me, do you know where the bathroom is? I need to take a gigantic shub.

Person 2: Um, yes, it's right over there...

Person 1: Thanks!
by lalarox03 July 25, 2012

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