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Name of a Lawn Gnome who plans to dominate the world from the ground up.
"Shu-Shu pwns newbs"
by Shu-Shu the Lawn Gnome April 19, 2005
6 6
Having the urge to go pee. Another word for having to go to the washroom. Cute way of saying "pee" in Polish.
Aleks: "I have to go shushu!"
Aneta: "Okay let's go shushu!"
by Shushugirl February 18, 2012
8 4
This is kind of a way to say " shhhh". It's like to ask for silence .
"shu shu callate vos"
"shushushu you don't know what i'm talking about"
by El Edah Mas Piola July 28, 2009
7 4
A cute boy with beautiful eyes and a great smile.
That boy is so cute! He must be a Shushu :)
by lycheefruit January 03, 2012
4 2
Chinese name primarily for females meaning comfort or flexibility.
Shu Shu has a calming and wonderful presence.
by vehementoolbox May 23, 2010
2 2
shitty, no good..........
Fakin beach was shu shu today.
by juicestain May 07, 2007
11 11
To Have Sex, Shag, Fuck, etc
Bartholomew says "Oh Henrietta will you participatein having shushus with me this fine evening."

henrietta says " oh yes Bartholomew take me, take me.
by stinkajazz April 27, 2004
0 1