a young stoner in public school who has been a tobacco smoker for such a time that it has stunted his/her growth
Nelly is always hanging around with those shrubs at the breezeway. I think she might be doing weed now. Can Furtado even afford it?
by ponte September 10, 2006
A term of affection toward a friend of the opposite sex.
I love my shrub!
by FukU2011 August 04, 2011
combination of the word Short Rub. having sex and not being fully penetrated.
I got the short rub last nite when i was having sex with my bf. yup, girl if you hardly felt anything you got the shrub.
by C.I. Moan, Ronnie-Gurl August 12, 2010
Its another word for a party
its a North London slang
oi are u lot goin 2 dat "shrubs" 2nite?
by shawn July 28, 2003

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