To rip off. To deal unfairly.
that deal was a total shrub
by smarter n u May 03, 2010
Old school 90's term for a headbanger, very common in Langford BC.

Shrubs are typically seen wearing a Langford Tuxedo, smell like they've been smoking way too much bad shake, and have a tough-guy attitude that is directed most specifically at skaters
Dude that shrub's been beating the hell out of that skater for the last half hour!
by diggerB February 05, 2010
Another word for a " Party"
its a slang word from North London.
are you lot goin 2 dat "shrubs" 2nite?
by Anonymous July 27, 2003
shrub adapted from the european slang word brov is the female version of the word. The prefix of shrub comes from the word sister. Or shrub could also be used in terms of calling someone a prostitute.
wad up shrub

dam i got irrested when i was caught sleeping with that shrub last night.
by Zack Kurs March 19, 2008
Newark, Delaware, nicknamed as such for its shady unremarkability.
"You guys gonna hang in the shrub tonight?"
"Yeah, man, all up in shrub!"
by Khora February 19, 2008
a young stoner in public school who has been a tobacco smoker for such a time that it has stunted his/her growth
Nelly is always hanging around with those shrubs at the breezeway. I think she might be doing weed now. Can Furtado even afford it?
by ponte September 10, 2006
A gay man or a man you presume to be gay.
Wow, I think that guy is a big shrub.
by Pierce Bears January 22, 2011
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