n.) A delicious, hallucination-inducing vegetable, commonly seen in Super Mario games.

There are many types, the most notorius being the 'Invinci-shroom'. This shroom will give the user a short, yet extraordinary high. Said person will experience many homicidal impulses, including the urge to trample over others. In extreme cases, they may jump on top of innocent bystanders and crush them into the ground, making what is known as "Road Pizza."

See other; 1-Up Shroom, Toadstool, Marijuana.
"Mario, grab the Shrooms!"

"I've got one, Luigi! Oh my... there are coins EVERYWHERE!"

by Syxx Styles September 01, 2008
A fungus that grows from cow shit, and when you eat it, its like installing CCleaner into your brain and for a few months you end up depersonalized but eventually your operating system (Brain) Will recollect itself! 3-6 months usually. How will you clean your Operating system?
John- "Jeff, I just had like 10grams of Shrooms last month, still feeling like I am in a dream!"
Jeff- "Yo dude, thats just your brain getting back to normal, give it time.. you defragged your operating system!"
by RandomSociopath101 August 25, 2015
They are a type of hallucinogenic mushrooms. You can find Psilocybe and Panaeolus species. Shrooms can be either eaten or smoked but the effects are higher and come to you faster if you eat them. Most people say they aren't worth the money but you're first time is one hell of a trip.
Once when I did shrooms I took a look into the mirror and my face looked like it was peeling off but none of my friends would take me to the hospital because they didn't believe me. Ain't that sum shit
by short shit June 07, 2005
mushrooms, found growing in cow manure which can be picked and either smoked or eaten, but most people prefer to eat them. They are hallucinogenic and when a good amount is taken you can have an amazing trip or a terrible trip.. but this mostly depends on what mood you are in when taking them. For example if you are in a good mood then you're likely to have a good trip but being in a bad mood or worrying about something will most likely give you a bad trip. Mostly though people have good trips, as they take them whilst in a good mood.
I had a party a few weeks back and a few people took some of the shrooms, one guy only had one and he was on the trampoline and he looked at the marquee that the party was in and saw a magical, marble, fairytale staircase leading to it and he went to step onto it to go to the marquee and he fell off the trampoline and faceplanted the floor. Was quite funny really. But another guy took a handful and he was hallucinating quite a bit. He was seeing giant marshmellows, was going around shouting shag it, and pretending to shag the poles holding up the marquee, he said he saw a deer leap over the hedge and he kept searching for me shouting my name because he said he couldn't find me when i was right in front of him or when he was lying on my legs or something and when he'd eventually find me he'd keep telling me he loved me and that he was sorry he left me.. over and over.

They both felt like shit in the morning but they both had fun when they took them so it was all worth it they said.
by anon.72724 November 06, 2009
A species of mushroom that makes you laugh, cry, then cry again, then laugh, cry harder, question the name Taft, cry, shit on your desk, cry, fuck a poster on your wall, then cry once more.
Mmmmm shrooms *eats* What kind of name is Taft? *cry* I have to go potty now.
by Shitty-face-face August 10, 2009
shrooms are mint as a meditory drug for meditation
they are not like xtc or acid witch are recreatinal
you should not do shrooms befor or after work or school because your morlikly to hav a hellish trip people should be relaxed and have bin relaxed for a good 24 hrs befor there meditation
by coloredream April 15, 2009
Shrooms grow in cow shit, they are not illeagle unless you process them (take out the chemicals). They are useally around $20 for 1 high and depending on the user the high lasts around 6 hours. Also depiending on size weight and drug abuse can effect the severity of your trip. When you are high you are un able to act normal at all so stay away from adults or anti-drugies. Make sure the dealer u get them from knows their shrooms because some are deadly.
Last weekend Camron did shrooms, when he called me he was mumbling and talking about smoke from his ciggarette.
by High Guy Flys High January 25, 2007
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