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To trip on shrooms.
I was frying balls. I shroomed so hard I thought the orange frisbee was a god.
by Tim March 13, 2003
98 39
To be experiencing a psychedelic trip brought about by the ingestion of Magic Mushrooms.
Mr Bush and Mr Blair say they have been hearing voices from god!, they must be shrooming man.

Why is Rampton licking the mirror maaaan?,' he says it's a portal to another dimension and
he's licking a aliens face, he's off his tits, he's "shrooming" big time!....
by Rampton March 23, 2006
53 35
the act of going to a cow pasture, or an open field with cow pies on them, at any hour of the day. Specifically looking for psylocibib mushrooms, in order to sell or consume at a later date. (or while picking)
-"Dam i dont have any money"
-"hey why dont we go shrooming and get some mushrooms?"
-"Are we gonna sell em or eat em?"
by crackabegood January 31, 2007
31 20
to search for, and pick, shrooms.
I'm going shrooming this Saturday.
by Mark Adamson September 25, 2003
33 28
1.To be tripping.
2.To be high.
4.Screwing up.
1. "Duuuuuuuuuuuuude, you're shrooming!"
2. Instead of "Wow, you're high," its "Wow, you're shrooming."
3. Instead of "You're crazy," its "You're shrooming."
4. Instead of "Don't screw up," its "Don't be shrooming!"
by Aleosha November 10, 2004
37 36