a bothersome old person with an antiquated perspective.
I asked the shriv to stop throwing his taco bell trash on the ground and he said, "Don't tell me what to do. I been here longer than you."
by plsg + smike March 14, 2003
Top Definition
A rude, thoughtless, and abrasive person with poor taste. Derived by reference to shriveled testicles and/or wrinkles on the male genitals.
That guy we met at the party last night was such a fucking shriv.
by Zeke September 05, 2004
Shriveled person. Wrinkly man or woman.
"That old shriv keeps telling me to turn my music down."
by Jamie Sol Rosenberg May 21, 2008
Any woodland creature of actual or fictional existence which dwells exclusively or voluntarily in mushrooms.
I'm pretty sure your grandmother is a fucking shriv.
by Cäncer September 04, 2007
usually followed by a hand motion consisting of a closed fist above the waist pivoted forward and backward from the wrist
Dude, the singer for My Chemical Romance... what a shriv. hand motion follows
by joel January 04, 2005
real small wrinkle dick
cory monroe has a Hela shriv as dick.
by b to the o to the b May 14, 2003
A small dead bird found shriveled on a wall
"oh my god! Shriv has gone crusty in the sun!"
by We3xY July 03, 2006

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