when a guy ejaculates into a female prosterer then a third party drinks the sperm out
here comes the shrimper we ordered
by we we February 14, 2003
Top Definition

Terminology related to the BDSM lifestyle. A "shrimper" is a person who derives sexual satisfaction from sucking toes.
No example provided for "Shrimper."
by Siegfried Zaga June 01, 2005
someone who sucks sperm out of an asshole usually with a straw
don't you dare call me a shrimper
by chillcat May 30, 2003
A shrimper is when One Person sucks the cum out anothr persons Ass Hole with a Straw.
This Faggot Named James Rhoton Once Gave a Shrimper to a Hobo, for a 40 ounce of Schlits Malt Liquer.
by Big Ol Gay James R. May 26, 2006
A word that pothead brothers make up, the act of skeeting in a girls butt and sucking it out with a straw.
"Dude, your such a shrimper"
by gabi and ashley January 27, 2007
After two gay men are done having anal sex, the dealing man will stick a straw in the recievers rear and proceed to suck.
After having sex tonight, I should shrimp you.
by cronic5 July 09, 2005
When it has just rained and you walk with tenis shoes and rolled up jeans through a wet soggy field. You have to roll your jeans up to keep from getting them wet.
Hey, she's dressed like a shrimper!
by Ashley January 02, 2005

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