The word shrimp can be used to describe a mans genitalia in a derogatory way. When a mans penis is small.
Damn man, cover that shrimp up.
by I am Super Randy April 27, 2006
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A person that is hot from the neck down. So called because, like shrimps, everything is good but the head.
"She's a shrimp, dude!"
by Lucky P March 21, 2006
n. plural. shrimp or shrimps

1. Any of various small marine crustaceans.
2. Edible seafood.
3. See also: Edward Elric.
Who are you calling a grain of sand so tiny that you can't even detect it using a scanning electron microscope??!
by Roy Mustang February 14, 2005
1. Delicious seafood, especially when dipped in Marinara Sauce, Oyster Sauce, Butter, etc.

2. A small, diminutive individual who lacks in confidence.
That shrimp is eating shrimp!!
by SexxxMuffinz January 24, 2007
A small, underdeveloped person, most often male. A "90 pound weakling."

Adj. - shrimpy
That kid is a shrimp - you could take him with one hand tied behind your back.
by Rod Brock May 14, 2006
Shrimp - a new type of drug available that is stronger than Ecstasty (MDMA). Shrimp's primary component is Methadone. Methadone is essentially perscription heroin; but stronger.
RJ- Yo, we gonna call Shay fo' dat shrimp?
Abe - Naw...some bitch took dat shit and she was gone fo' like, a week.
by PVHS cutie 2010 April 14, 2009
Someone who has a sexy body but isn't beautiful. Came from the idea that when eating a shrimp, you only take the body then throw away the head.
Boy1: (Looking at a girl who has her back turned at him) Damn she's hot!
(Then the girl faces him)
Boy2: Yuck, she's a total shrimp!
by dnmb May 26, 2010
A hassidic and erroneous Ethiopian who gets invaded by Italy. It also can be a Scandinavian, or even Somalian version of a 19th century butcher vendor in the suburbs of the Germanic Tribe known as Psudenomen. Can also be a pirate.
Hey, Dogmeat, did you hear about that kid who asked Bitchmeat out to homecoming?
Oh yea, wasn't that shrimp?
Yea. Shrimp is a total koninskovichin prime minister.
by tangofandango October 08, 2009
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