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A wonderful, caring down to earth girl who is loved by lots. She can make you laugh when your sad and brings joy into every room she enters. She's talented, athletic, pretty, sweet, and etc. She's weird and corky yet she can bring joy into anyone life. You will never meet anyone like her so if you find someone like her? Keep her by your side no matter what.
"omg Shria your so pretty"
by x.qveenella.x December 20, 2014
Contraction of "shrimp" pioneered by Adam Hahn and Flip Tanedo in 2005 following a program by Donnovan Somera of the Vaden Health Center at Stanford.
Adam and I were planning on going to Red Lobster to order some of our favorite dishes, such as crawfish, scallops, prawn, and jumbo shria.
by Flip February 06, 2005
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