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Auspicious; known as sexy to the Koreans, and a crack head to the Chinese, a girl that is SPICY beyond limits.
O.M.G. I just saw (a) Shreya! She is so much more spicier than hot sauce.
by Buckity September 11, 2006
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Sanskrit name/word meaning "magnificent".
My name is Shreya.
by Shreya December 17, 2003
by Sharan September 20, 2003
hotter then garam garam chai!!...the type of person that one would do the "bedroom bhangra" with!
wow it just got hotter in here! must be because of that shreya just walked in
by ath ho April 17, 2004
1) One who starts a revolution; 2)a catalyst. A female manifestation of shrey.
Gandhi was the shrey of Indian independence.
by Neela December 27, 2003
although the translation has been lost in time i believe the word means god
shreyas is god and may possibly kill you
by shreshre naik November 15, 2006
beneficial - worth giving credit for.
Sleep is shreyas to your health
by Shava September 19, 2005

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