When you beat the high score for that level on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater dude!!!!!!!
Tom: Dude I just shred the gnar on that level with Bam Margera!!!!!

Mike: Douschebag!
by Joe S. M June 27, 2009
The gnar is what one shreds.
Hey man, lets go shred the gnar.
Nigga, i've been shreddin the gnar since you were in diapers!
by dollabill v2 February 18, 2008
used to describe something in action sports that was either totally wicked or a bad crash.
"oh man i totally shred the gnar on that crash", "you were definately shreddin the gnar on 3"
by pat{tada September 09, 2006
done primarily around brunch time. refers to awesome skills associated with snowboarding and/or the special dance and the randomness of the evening.
"guys, lets go shred the gnar at brunch!"
by Pink House September 01, 2006

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