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To be someone nerdy, who plays an instrument that isn't guitar/bass/drums. Cello is just the word always used, even if the instrument isn't a cello.
1) Oh the redhead said you shred the cello and I'm jello baby

2) "Hey I heard Peter joined the orchestra!"
"What does he play?"
"I dunno, I guess he's shredding the cello!"
by Rincewind_SW July 25, 2005
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to make a lesbo cum
Mj can shred the cello within ten minutes of seeing her girlfriend
#cum #lesbo #cumming #pussy #clit
by shalama momma November 04, 2009
A four-piece Weezer cover band out of Liverpool, UK.
A: "Who is on the bill at Studio tonight?"
B: "A few LIPA bands, and some act called 'Shred the Cello'..."
A: "Never heard them before."
B: "I believe they play Weezer covers."
A: "Okay, sounds cool. So how are your classes going at school?"
B: "Not bad, history course is a bit rough though. A lot of studying involved."
A: "Yeah, I know what you mean. I have to study for a physics exam on Tuesday."
B: "Good luck, man. Sounds hard."
A: "Yeah, cheers dude. I better go get some dinner."
B: "Oh me too, fancy Quick Chef?"
A: "Yeah, go on. Let's get tea."
#shred #the #cello #weezer #cover
by Googlemaps October 01, 2009
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