When someone farts on another person, but pieces of feces get on the victim. The poop is known as "shrapnel".
Person 1: "why is jimmy so mad at you?"
Person 2: "last night, i farted on him and he got covered in shrapnel"
Person 1: "oooo, poor guy"
by Mandalore96 November 04, 2010
Stuff that blows your arm off.
Dude, Shrapnel just blew Adam's arm off.
by Elric Haradra January 21, 2008
When you shit in the toilet. (Public or Private)
You flush and theres little pieces left over floating around, or stuck to the side like spackle or paste. (only numerous flushings gets it off)

to spray the back of the toilet bowl

Dom you took a shit in the bathroom and theres shrapnel in the toilet!

I had subway sandwich today with a bunch of lettuce and I just took a shit and there was lettuce shrapnel left over

I had to take a shit and shrapnel went all over the back of the bowl
by Vincent Pinckard May 19, 2008
A term which refers to the situation where one encounters someone from a past relationship while out with a new prospect in the public arena. Shrapnel should be avoided at all costs, and can often prove detrimental to your current relationship.
Note: Everyone has shrapnel
"If we go there, I run the risk of encountering an unusual amount of shrapnel. It'd be best if i took her to a place where my exes won't encroach upon me."
by Christian Kirk August 18, 2006
loose bits of anything in your Urban abode. usually referring to food like the crud left in the Doritos bowl, or the hors deuvre platter. Or the remnants of last jar of Dr. Zogs Sex Wax
*Any pizza left? Naw just shrapnel*
by Big Daddy Siki March 27, 2005
the sudden reminants of the explosion from a wet fart
i bent over to pick something up and i felt warm shrapnel on my cheeks

my mum thought i was wearing floral underwear, but i told her it was my shrapnel stains
by nobbs March 13, 2004
Dried remanants of weed left over from breaking it up for packing.
Hey, you got anything?

Not much man, just some shrapnel.
by Grace Hetrick April 06, 2008

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