A completely drug fucked adolescent that can hardly string together a sentence.
Jeff has been stroking that wall for hours now, he's turning into a complete shram.
by methusellah November 07, 2008
Top Definition
And adjective indicative of something being dysfunctional yet successful.
"Man I hardly knew anyone at Brandon's, and everyone was spilling their drinks on his floor. But I had a lot of fun, that party was shram"
by Shramgrl August 06, 2013
a disgusting looking person, someone who looks like they were hit in the face with a hot frying pan full of dogshit
that guy gerard looks likes shram

nice gross face you busted ass shram
by jonathan joseph October 10, 2006
(verb): penile shrinkage due to the cold.
As I jumped in the lake to skinny-dip with my girl, my vanity, as well as my third leg, diminished rapidly. I unflatteringly shrammed to about one centimeter. I earned the new nickname "Needledick Bugfucker."
by weave September 07, 2003
To be a total loser, geek, dweeb, nerd.
"Dude, you just shrammed out!" "HAHA Shram! <Point at someone>" "Shram!"
by Student HPSS October 03, 2006
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