An undefined word created by Trey Parker while writing the title song for his student film "Cannibal! The Musical" (It was meant to be only temporary until he thought of an appropriate adjective but it ended up sticking). Can be used in replacement of any adjective or in the expletive.
"That's a shpadoinkle car!"

"Oh shpadoinkle! I have a paper due today!"

There are an infinate number of shpadoinkle examples for this word.
by miki April 02, 2005
Top Definition
First used in the movie "Cannibal: the Musical," "Shpadoinkle" was left without a specific definition, it's just a generic exclamation, and makes a great substitution word.
These are from the movie itself:

"Aaaah!Ohhh shpadoinkle!" - exclamation of surprise at being caught in a bear trap.

"Have a shpadoinkle day." - greeting.

"She sure is a shpadoinkle horse." - compliment
by Kucitizen June 04, 2004
an exclamation: a word to express emotion

adj: to dec. something good, bad, or otherwise
" its a shpadoinkle day"

" SHPADOINKLE! i think i broke my leg"
by joe don baker December 22, 2002
adjective - Happy, something good; nothing wrong. Origin: Cannibal! The Muscial; Trey Parker.
"...When we say it's a shpadoinkle day!"
by Broc March 06, 2004
Noun - Happiness; ability to look on the bright side of life
Can also be used as an Interjection
"He was beginning to lose his shpadoinkle"
by Long March 07, 2004
Shpadoinkle is an interjection used by burley construction workers and japanese physisists alike! Similar to donkeywaffle. If you say 'Shpadoinkle,' you can be cool too!
Holy shpadoinkle! My scrotum just imploded!

I'm doing just spadoinkle, you?
by mAx May 03, 2004
A term generated in a Matt Stone movie known as Cannibal! The Musical. This word can be substituted for nearly any other word.
"It really is a shpadoinkle day out today."
"I think he forgot to wash his hands after he played around with his shpadoinkle."

"Remember that time you sucked my shpadoinkle?"
by Dinger March 28, 2003
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