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a showergasm is when you put the tip of your dick in the spot where the water of the shower hits the hardest.
hey breh i had a nice showergasm last night when i was taking a shower
#orgasm #jizzing #jacking off #prude #jizz
by majordick January 30, 2010
A Orgasm type feeling that results when climbing into a shower after heavy manual labor or just exhaustion. Showergasms can be as pleasurable as an orgasm. Some things that happen when you recieve one are: legs going limp, grumting or panting, and shiviers up your spine
after i got back from 20 hours of lifting lead, i climbed into the shower and collapsed in pleasure because of my showergasm.
#orgasm #bedgasm #showergasm #pleasure #shower
by spermin' peter March 19, 2009
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