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After you take a piss and shake it off, when you zip your pants back up and your tinkle goes down either leg of your pants and and hits the sides. Causing small wet spots.
Bob" Jeeeze, dan take long enough? what you do drop a duece?

Dan: Nah man. I took a piss and didn't shake it well enough and got a shower curtain. So i had to stand under the hand dryer to dy it off.

Bob: OOOOO!! Owned!
by Bob Garabaldie October 18, 2007
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The act of running the shower to mask the sound of a shit.
It was taco night, and Amy had friends over, so when she paid a trip to the restroom she used a shower curtain.
by Nopolitician November 17, 2013
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Your last resort when you're taking a shit at a friends house and there's no ass wipe.
Sitting in the bathroom at a house of someone I don't know.
Looking all around for the toilet paper roll.
Feeling so sure. Feeling so certain.
Gonna have to wipe my ass again with the plastic shower curtain.
by kpasa bitch May 17, 2005
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A needy woman who clings to you because you got her a bit wet.
"I looked at some woman's profile on and now I get a message from her every fucking day.

She's like a shower curtain. Get it a bit wet and it doesn't leave you alone."
by Rumpleforeskin July 09, 2012
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When you put saran wrap on yourself and another person urinates on you.
"I gave her a hot plate and she gave me a shower curtain. It was pretty hot."
by Lando Calrissian 69 August 14, 2006
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Noun. The act of wetting your pants, letting it dry, and then later, without changing clothes, having oral sex with someone. They don't know it but they just licked something as filthy as a shower curtain.
I got drunk and pissed myself at the party. Six hours later I was making out with that red headed chick and she gave me a shower curtain.
by TeamMillunzi February 18, 2009
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