Commonly known as a place where you wash yourself.

A shower is a place where alot of people, teens in general, spend alot of time thinking of life, and what could have been. A shower is a place for thinking and forgetting.
I took a shower earlier, I feel much better now.
by varson November 13, 2011
The Male word for having a nosh. Everyone knows what you're really up too.
Guy 1: I'm gonna go for a shower, brb
Guy 2: nosh.
Guy 3: damn, you got me.
by Lord Lemon II October 11, 2013
Spanish word that means a location to have sex while a female is menstruating.
Manda is on her period, so her Pappi Kev and her decided to take a sexy siesta in the shower.
by emlaire February 05, 2013
"Drink the milk of paradise"/orgasm/female ejaculation.
I just showered- I came so hard wetness is dripping down my legs, the bed is soaked and the floor is slippery!
by Jessica Stephanie. June 17, 2010
used by the dirty sweaty chavs from rugeley, cannock, lichfield and the surrounding areas that all commute to stafford.

they most likely relate shower to something good as they never get one in their dirty homes
by Chim Chim Chi Ru December 13, 2010
Something that is cool or awesome. Some legit shit.
"Hey dude I just nailed this really hot girl"
by cbobrob March 15, 2010
water pouring down in order to bathe yourself
"I'm so dirty I'm going to take a shower."
by nicole August 07, 2003

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