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when someone, usually a man, takes such a nasty disgusting shit that a shower is needed when finished to feel clean again
I had a shower shit today from that mexican food last night.
by Johnny Tats November 13, 2007
When someone on a specific part of a forum posts a topic that's already been posted, you've commited a shower shit.
hello, and welcome to i shit in my shower
by american_jesus May 27, 2004
A shit so bad that the only effective way of getting clean afterwards is to hop in the shower.
CJ: Dude, that taco bell fucked me up, i had to take a shower shit last night
Patrick: That's gross, how bad was it?
CJ: Let's just say I had to clean my shower afterwards...
by see jay October 19, 2008
Origin: MISC forum

Old news. Something that has been posted before.
Hello and welcome to.. I shit in my shower.
by raven March 07, 2005
The act of taking a shit so nasty you'd rather just shower then bother wiping your ass.
Bro 1 "what's up"?
Bro 2 "just got done showering, had a nasty shower shit, must be all the protein"
by FitnessFanatic June 25, 2014

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