the act of hard passionate penertration within a hot shower
wana come round for some shower power
by xxRosscorexx May 04, 2004
Top Definition
the rush and good feeling you get when ur gross, then you take a shower and get all clean smellin and good looking, then you got that shower power
brad: oh my gaw girl. you look good.

girl: ew, you smell gross and look grungey.

brad: damn, i'm gonna go home and take a shower power.
by cHiNcHeCk August 13, 2010
The act of masturbating in the shower.
I hear he does shower power every day.
by ShowerPowerer April 07, 2009
when someone feels the need to sing as loud as they can while in the shower
*guy* oh my god my neighbor is so annoying when they take showers.

*guy's friend* why?

*guy* they get shower power
by maddiejoy14 February 01, 2009
The ability to do something because you are in the shower which you would normally be prohibited from doing thanks to social standards.
Joe: "gah, I really need to blow my nose."
Joe in shower: *blows nose and does not need a tissue* "man, what a great shower power"
The ability to endure harsh weather conditions after taking a long hot shower. Esp. cold.
Mike: Damn! Where's your jacket? It's like 20 below out here!

Jim: No problems bro, I've got shower power.

Mike: Oh, I was wondering why your hair was frozen!
by CupricCow February 03, 2012
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