When a man masturbates in the shower,
This one time at band camp, i was scrubbing my balls and before i knew it, i had produced many shower babies.
by cyber thug December 20, 2008
Top Definition
Jerking off in the shower
I made shower babies the other day when my girlfriend was out of town
by Jesse October 29, 2003
when you jack off in the shower and kick the cum down the drain. better known as creating shower babies
Ah shit, i got a shower baby on my feet!
by jack master bates April 07, 2010
When one masturbates in the shower and semen lands on the soap. Soon after, a female uses the soap, and becomes pregnant.
My sister had twin shower babies and I don't know whether to call them nephews or sons.
by skinsgamer March 04, 2009
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