a slang term used among marijuana growers to refer to their marijana growing operation.
"how big is your show?"
by eninatled September 10, 2003
means something is almost unbeliveable in either a good or bad way,
It was a SHOW what the Wizards did to MJ
by junkies fan bowie MD July 02, 2003
When using a webcam, to display more than that which is normally covered by clothing (which is camming), as in one's genital areas or in the case of a female her breasts and genitals.
Seen in a chat room...
Him:"Hey honey will u show?"
Her:"Yea, let me turn on my cam"
Him:"Dam nice titties girl!"
Her:"Wanna see anything else, I'll show."
by colt1957 May 27, 2007
to display
I will show you a Mazda RX7.
by Dude 2000 November 01, 2003
Term in short for "ho show" OR someone who is going out tonight.

See Ho show
What a show, her skirts so short you can see her snatch.
by thatsagiven September 05, 2007
to show showed shown

1)to let someone look at something,
2)to prove something
3)to teach someone how to do something
1.I'll show u the definition of show at 1).

2.look into ur dictionary it'll show you that 2) is right.

3.I'll show you how to use show by reading 1.,2. and 3.
by Melancholy May 31, 2005
the effects brought on by LSD, especially refering to the visual effects
"Dude, I went to the show last night"

"A bunch of us are going to the show Friday, you going?"
by Kayla B May 01, 2006

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