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Translation: "Finish your drink, now!"

Usage: This is a command a man gives to a friend that has been nursing an alcaholic drink for too long. Once the command has been said, that person must then immediatly finish the remainder of their drink. It is customary but not mandatory for the person finishing the drink to say "Pussy shown". It's the equivalent of having someone say "you're welcome" before the other person can say "thank you".

Background: Theoritically, there are a certain number of alcaholic beverages that need to be consumed by a woman before a man is given the opportunity to hang dong on her. Whether it be a one night stand or spanning several dates; it doesn't matter. All a man is ever thinking to himself with each drink given is the phrase "show me your pussy". Since saying this phrase outloud on an actual date ensures years of celibacy and uninterrupted masturbation, it can only be said amongst friends as a playful way to blow off stream from the pressures of actual dating.
i.e. 1

Tucker: Mehar, you been holding that warm Zima for 2 hours. Show me your pussy and let's get another drink.

"Mehar Drinks"

Mehar: Pussy shown!

i.e. 2

Gus: I bought Webber like five drinks and he didn't show me his pussy once.

Buford: Well you can always count on me. I won't let you down...

Gus: Buford?

Buford: Yeah Gus?

Gus: You think you could show me your pussy? It would mean a lot to me.

Buford: Sure pal. Oh and uh...I'm a gay guy now.

Gus: We're no longer friends.

pussyboozedrinkvaginabeersexshow me your box
by Kloopitz December 15, 2011
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