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a) What you say after someone lifts up a skirt and a bare ass is exposed.

b) A common insult in tai restaraunts when your food tastes like ghonorea.

c) in midieval scotland, under the command of William Wallace, bitches and hoes/skanks/rhinoes revolted due to the regular (and very demeaning) command, "show me yo knees" (the hairiest part off the female scottish body).

d) a way to check that your girl hasn't been on them!
William Wallace - "ugh..."
Hoe - "What pesters thou my king?"
William Wallace - "Show me yo knees and I shall tell thou serpant."
Hoe - **lifts skirt**
Willam Wallace - "That'll do hoe, that'll do."
by farquad September 04, 2006
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