Similar to pork-barrel spending.

1. Infrastructure projects that CANNOT be started quickly, EVEN when funds become available.

2. Plain old government waste.
On Oct.13 2010, in an Interview with the NYT, Obama said "there's no such thing as shovel ready projects."
#obama misinvestment #government waste #pork-barrel spending #bridges to no-where #union kickbacks
by DimDawg February 10, 2011
Top Definition
Apt description of being prepared to release when necessary a big ol' whopper of an excuse for offending behavior of any sort
After Paul was dumped naked on his parent's lawn and left for dead, he arose secure in the knowledge he was "shovel ready" to explain everything . ..
#lying in wait #excuse central #order a tall one #story time #imagination explanation
by sheila in the car April 05, 2009
When a man or woman is so needy for a relationship he/she will believe just about any bullshit to convince themselves they've found Mr/Ms Right.
Bill: See that woman at the end of the bar?
Bob: Yeah.
Bill: She is so desparate to have a boyfriend that you can easily bullshit your way into her panties. Go talk to her, she's shovel ready.
#bullshit #lies #relationship #needy #line
by Ebullient Gideon June 27, 2011
A state of readiness, needing only a shift in resources - monetary, emotional, psychological - in ones favor.
I'm shovel-ready for a relationship with Betty, if only she knew I existed.
#poised #resources #influx #ready to roll #almost
by Darren O'Donnell January 28, 2009
A state in which one's various projects only need a whack of cash thrown at them for them to roll.
My next novel is shovel-ready, I just need to receive that pesky arts grant.
#funding #money #infrastructure #work #making it happen
by Darren O'Donnell January 27, 2009
The state or condition of being near death. Exhausted or completely worn out. Passed its useable life.
The doctor referred to his terminal patients as "shovel ready"
#near death #exhausted #worn out #beyond repair #irreconcilable
by TCJohnson March 07, 2009
The Obama political word indicating that your particular "project" is just waiting for stimulus package money injection to get it off the ground. In other words, you have a good idea, but no cash to back it.
Dude, my greenhouse and hydroponic drip system hooked up to the solar panel on the roof is so shovel ready...I just need $2 billion to get it to give back to the grid.
#shovel-ready #green scam #obama nation #stimulus #economic
by siouxbee February 18, 2009
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