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An extremely ugly girl who's facial features closely resemble that of a Shovel. Generally anyone who hooks up with a Shovel Face is shunned by society and, in effect, becomes a Shovel face themselves.
Every weekend Dan trys his best to hook up with "Shovel face"
by Jimbob3 November 14, 2006
when someone has the facial appearance of having been hit, full-force in the face by a shovel, therby making them a "shovelface" the person then has a very flat face, normally they are hideously ugly.
"ugh! she has a bitch of a shovelface!"
by jonobello January 29, 2006
A nasty bitch who got hit in the face with a shovel when she was younger. Most likely will sleep with anything,including her boyfriends friends, and may cause projectile vomitting. Most likely gets picked on and beat up due to her facial deformity. Excretes and excessive amount of gak.
"Shovel face tried to get with him and he puked all over her!"
"I really like her guys but that nose man that nose!"
by tumme April 14, 2008
A person who has grostesque facial attributes, resembling that of what a shovel would have. Someone who posseses a face that appears to have been struck repeatedly with a shovel.
Tori Spelling and Rachel Ray have Shovel Faces.
by TannROK April 10, 2009
Noun: {shove-el-face}

1. Similar to Butterface, a normally attractive looking woman who has the unfortunate facial features from being hit with a shovel. Also known as the apperance of a womans face being formed from a shovel-like mold
"Wow that lady has quite the badonkadonk! Alas she is also a shovelface."
by Duckyzilla January 16, 2012
A girl who looks like an elephant's ass taking a huge dump.
That girl is a shovelface, I can't stand to look at her.
by Sanchez April 07, 2005
A girl with a distorted un-attractive face, making her look like she was hit with a shovel.
"Damn! That girl is hurt! She got a shovel face!"
by SaxKitten July 10, 2008
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