Mc Derrmott with his vectra, and monster hands
there goes shovels in his vectra
by Sean November 05, 2003
date,significant other,
"Shovel and Spit can get the hell out of my domicile."

"Loving shovel spoonful."
by noixz January 14, 2009
A shovel is the tool used to "dig."

Commonly used in slang as a term for understanding (asking someone if they understand what you have just said): "you digg?" or "ya digg?"

Now, instead of using the old "ya digg?" saying people are switching it over to "you shovel?" or "ya shovel?"
I'm going to Alife to pick up some sneakers, ya shovel?
by PuertoStud May 05, 2007
Euphemism for "ho" (aka whore)
Pomai is a shovel
by Jenny October 16, 2003
To brush off someone
Ahh shovel off you asslamp
by penguin October 27, 2002
A really stupid asian.

They are called shovels because apparently their faces were flattened with the front of the shovel and their eyes were scraped with the sides. I don't mind the asian people but the ones that are completely clueless and spend all their time studying are gay. It also goes with out saying that shovels tend to be fresh off the boat and like to hunt and trap the neighborhood kitty cats for dinner.
Shovel: Hey Lucy Lui, want to go to Chinatown and get some Won Ton?

Shovel 2: No way Guy Ding, we study. We study now or we end up like stupid American hoe.
by Chi Town John Doe April 02, 2008
relating to, or slang for, the penis.
dude, let go of my shovel
by Bean September 06, 2004
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