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The male version of hoe. A clumsy player who gets no respect.
Ron is such a shovel. Cindy and Bev would have both ditched him if they weren't hoes themselves.
by Shard November 02, 2005
65 45
what the revolution will be fought with after the liberals take away our guns
it's either that or dig a hole and lay down in it and die
by (D) own with globalism September 08, 2004
245 158
A tool for hitting something with.
*You see a fat chick walking down the street*
Joe: Id hit that...
James: ..With a shovel.
by James hartleyyyyy October 19, 2007
58 18
To bullshit. (to shovel the shit)
When he said he won the lottery, I knew he was shoveling.
by DJM February 25, 2004
69 46
Noun. The solution to any problem.
John: I am so going to get her back for this.
Jane: Okay, so here's the plan. We get a shovel...
by Princess Zeffie March 21, 2010
38 21
This is a recent cockney rhyming slang word for Nick - which is in itself slang for police station or prison cell. ie SHOVEL and PICK (nick). A police officer might say "You're nicked" when arresting someone.
Where's Arthur ? He's in the shovel.
by Maxima5 November 27, 2009
13 6
When one's face is deformed in an odd manner, giving the impression that they were hit in the face repeatedly with a shovel causing such a strange face shape or appearance.
Have you seen that girl with the crooked teeth and messed up jaw? And he nose like bends to the right a little?

Yeah, she looks like she was taken to her backyard and shoveled to the face a few times as a kid.

Yeah, she's definitely a shovel!
by c0dester July 12, 2011
9 6