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the first known mention of this parlour game was when percy from blackadder 2 suggested playing it. since then, the more popular Massachusetts Variant has become the premier version of the game.
requiring immense wit and skill, this is a game played by only a few experts. it is not for the weak of heart, mind, or stomach. if you don't understand its attraction, you never will, and you clearly have no soul.
see also shove piggy-in-the-middle shove
"anyone fancy a couple of rounds of shove piggy shove?"
by Chairwoman Mao Mao February 08, 2004
1 Word related to shove piggy shove
cooky urban corridor game played with paper plates and a ping pong ball. world record holder Big Mao Mao M is currently suffering from sporting injuries.
Big Mao has near-fatal papercut
by h.monkey February 04, 2004
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