checking out better online chatting prospects. you may be engaged in a chat with someone, but keeping a look-out for a more interesting chat partner.
Jack was constantly shoulder surfing for Tracy, while he chatted with Jill.
by Shandell April 15, 2008
A stolen term from surf lingo. (Everyone seems to try to inject surfing vernacular into there vocabulary, hoping to acquire what use to be surfing coolness. i.e. web surfing). Laughably surfing has become so commercialized that it is no longer a cool association. Real term is "shoulder hopping": to drop in on someone elses wave, not at the peak but at the shoulder (down the line). A Wuss thing to do since it is generally easier and rude to do this.
Dude1: "This dude shoulder hopped me so I speared his brand new Channel Islands board with my old Cordell and did some serious damage." Chuckling

Dude2: "Right-on bro. He's one of those Corona Del Mar kooks anyways."

not shoulder surfing
by Silverfish February 10, 2006
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