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A girl who is short, but also hot.
That girl is a shottie.
Check out that shottie.
by D-Rew Rappen April 18, 2008
5 6
Another term for a gun
Person A: Yo! You got your shottie so we can have an airsoft war

Person B: You know it! Bring it on!
by xxIceGhostxx April 11, 2008
3 4
claiming something, such as the passenger seat in the car. short for "shotgun." may also be used to claim things such as a girl claiming a hot guy from her friends, or someone claiming the largest piece of pizza.
"shottie on that piece of pizza."

"shottie!" (front seat of car claim)

"that guy is hot. shottie!"
by kimberly l March 26, 2007
14 15
a person who is shy and hott at the same time
my gf is such a shottie
by klicklacpattywack October 09, 2009
0 4
a way to stake a claim on a guy. by calling out "shottie!" you must then molest them and or sex them up in order for them to count as your shottie. there is "shottie" and then the SHOTTIE "shottie" if you touch my man i will whip your ass bitch ..only men can be shottied.
-"aww mann damn that man's fiiine, luckyy bitch."
by SRSS August 07, 2006
6 11
a bong with no rush hole which you pull thorugh in one breath as you light
stack me a shottie mo-fo
by riley March 20, 2005
3 8
sawn-off shotgun, a fierce and dangerous weapon that sunbursts a wide area
Dat nigga wuz frontin round havin ~HIS~ lil gat,
but i bet he shit his pants when i pulled ~MA~ shottie out!
by ghostrida October 14, 2005
11 17