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Word generated in Jamaica. A person who doesn't need to be in a crew or run with nobody. Handles business by himself or has people working for him. Deals with drugs, murder, or other forms of illegal money making. Someone needs to be killed they will be, woman, child, or even police.
Me is a real bloodclot Shotta.
by badman August 28, 2004
Of Jamaican origin
1. Thug, gangster, a man not to be messed with
2. Killer, assassin, known murderer, has a gun and will use it
3. A term of respect between friends
1. Man a shotta, you no wah vex man like me
Translation: I'm a gangster, you don't want to piss me off

2. Yow we need some shotta fi deal wid di case
Translation: Hey, we need some killer to handle this problem

3. Yow what a gwaan shotta yute
Translation: Hey what's up my friend
by Chad March 10, 2004
Shotta = A Jamaican gunslinger. See Jamaican film 'Shottas'
Yah mon, 'im 'a' kill nuff people dem! Man 'im a top shotta!
by Anonymous October 05, 2003
2 meanings. 1 someone who sells drugs. 2 a gangsta, man who moves with heat.
I got rid of three keys of cess today, man is a top shotta.

Me a real shotta bwoy, mind ya nah get a cap inna you rassclaat face.
by Badda Man. July 29, 2003
jamaican word to describe other youths like dawg is used to recognise crew
wha ya say shotta. I ah shotta
by sen-say September 27, 2003
Big balla that can somehow aquire a 500 hp Corvette and a beater Mercedes S500 all while making 12 cash an hour. Sometimes works 'overtime' to keep feds off his back.
Look at that shotta working the gangsta OT. I guess he's getting the feds off his back.
by Domexicano March 28, 2005
a thug. comes from the t-dot
that boy's a shotta
by Anonymous November 22, 2002
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