A term used by homosexuals to gain the right to chose wether they give or receive, almost always choose to be in the rear
Over dinner Tommy shouts "shotgun!" Bob walks to the bedroom in shame wishing he called it first.
#shotgun #gay choice #ass first #who plays the woman #shogun
by WhiteyB Dragon December 13, 2009
A tool used as a defense/attack weapon upon an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

Can cause severe damage to the brain, and if not handled properly, can shoot one in the face.
Girl #1: "James cheated on me again!"

Girl #2: "Give me the fuckin' shotgun."
#shot #gun #shotgun #guns #shoot #shooter #weapon #ex boyfriend
by lamalover September 01, 2009
1: The front seat next to the driver in a vehicle, normally called out loud to get the seat.

2: A gun that fires a shell which bursts into a lot of buckshot pellets that spread very quickly. The damage of all these pellets put together is enormous, making the gun one of the strongest ever at close range (from point blank to about four meters), but because of the fast spread nearly useless at long range.
I'm driving.

Hey I call shotgun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
#shotty #shotgun #close range #buckshot #stopping power #vehicle
by AoA April 05, 2009
Not just for riding shotgun in the front seat. Can be used for calling anything. Beats dibs, bagsie ect...
Opposite of shotgun is notgun.
Tim: Shotgun remote
Sam: I wanted the remote
Tim: Tough, i shogtgunned

Mum: Who wants to run down to the store and buy some bread?
Tim: Notgun
Sam: Fuck you!
#shotgun #notgun #mangina #dibbs #bagsie
by TimTimTimTimTimTim April 23, 2008
also; shotty, bags

To somewhat reserve something so that someone else can't have it.
Another way of saying "I call"
For example if you're in a bakery, and you're at the back of the line and there is only one baguette left and you really badly want it, you can say 'Shotgun the baguette'
and its yours, really.
Although, the term is generally only used with friends, because you can't really call shotugun with randoms.
*five friends at a sleepover*
friend 1: "Shotgun not sleeping on the end"
" " 2: "Shotgun not"
" " 3: "SHOTGUN NOT!"
" " 4: "SHOTTY NOT!"
" " 5: "You guys are gay"
Friend 5 sayd this because all four others have shotgunned not sleeping on the end, so he/she must.

Mandy and Mary are cooking a cake.
MANDY: "Shotgun the first piece!"
Therefore, Mandy gets the first piece of cake.
#shotty #shotgunned #shottied #reserve #call for
by Maddiemaddiemaddierah April 14, 2008
In the wagon trail days it was the lookout/passenger with the firearm (Shotgun)
"Those varmits tryed to rob us, but my shotgun took care of them".
#wagon #passenger #right hand man #frontseat #front
by Quaalude September 05, 2007
An indication of excitement. Usually said using Sean Connery's voice, and displaying two thumbs faced upwards.
"Dude, you ate a whole live bear!"
"Shotgun"(thumbs up)
#excited #hilton #connery #thumbs up #penis #limosine
by TuMadreEsMiPuta May 29, 2007
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