A crude sexual manouver: when someone is kneeling behind a male, jerking them off while fingering their ass at the same time. The jerking off is the pump action and the fingering is the pulling of the trigger.
that girl unloaded some serious ammo while she shotgunned me
#dirty sanchez #cleveland steamer #glass bottom boat #hot karl #tea bag
by radicalgnarlydude March 07, 2006
Sharing/passing a decadent hit of your drug of choice with another. May or may not be a casual segue into sexual engagement.
See also Ricochet.
'There isn't much T left, blow me your shotguns if you could?'
#smoking #make out #sharing drugs #bonding #frugal
by iKnewB4U June 05, 2014
to give a girl double anal or vaginal, especially if its her first time
Come on Jack, let's shotgun this slut!
#da #dv #double anal #double vaginal #dp #double penetration #menage troi #mfm #threeway #threesome #sandwich
by Rod X February 14, 2014
"Shotgun" is the term used when referencing the passenger seat in a car, the seat to the right (or left if you're in Europe) of the driver.
Ron: Hey, I call shotgun!
Frank: Okay fine, but I get passenger on the way back.
Ron: You got it.
#passenger #rider #assisting #controller #director
by VulgarDictionary December 14, 2013
A weapon that shoots small but deadly BBs in a spread formation. Basically a gun that you don't need to worry about the aim with because the spread range is so ridiculous that if you aim at a tree, you'll hit a human. Also the weapon of choice if the zombie apocalypse happens. Limbs will fly if you have a shotgun on you and the outbreak happens, just remember to bring shells with you.
Guy: Why do you have a shotgun?
Me: If we fall into a zombie apocalypse, I'll need it...
Guy: You've been playing too many zombie games
Me: Well, sorry if you don't have your shotgun when it happens, because then you'll get bitten. Then I'll have to blow your limbs off.
#zombie #shotguns #apocalypse #shells #bullets
by ZombieKilla May 28, 2012
A girl who cannot give a hand job for her life. Hand was basally upside-down.
"dude i got a hand job from this girl last night, her hand was totally wrong i didn't even cum"

"wow what a shotgun"
#handjob #shotgun #shot gun #hand job #dick
by vbrookie January 22, 2012
to answer a test without thinking; randomly putting answers.
Person: Dude, i didn't study! I'll just shotgun the test.

Other Person: Same here! Besides, we won't see the results anyways.
#shotgun #shot #gun #test #arinola
by sjdfbgsldkfj September 01, 2011
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