A long narrow house in which each room is connected to the next creating a long series of rooms for the home. In a shotgun house you must walk through each room to get to the next. One would enter a shotgun home into the living room walking through the living room to get to the bedroom and then through that into the kitchen. In many shotgun homes you can stand in the last room of the home and look through the open doorways to the front door. So named because the entire house could be protected from one end or the other with a single shotgun.
She lived in a five room shotgun and I had to sneek through her ol' man's room to go to the bathroom.
by Femi-Mommy September 30, 2005
inhaling marijuana smoke forced into one's mouth by another's exhaling
by VAKI5 August 20, 2003
Something with hot bullets that can kill someone.
You! Invaders! Get you the hot bullets of shotgun to die!
by dj gs68 August 07, 2003
Sexual position in which the practitioner partner inserts one single barrel or two double barrel fingers into the receiving members (male) anus, while stroking the penis. The combination of anal and genital manipulation is done in sync, resembling the chamber loading of a pump action shotgun.
Last week Betty gave me a double barrel shotgun, before we had sex.
by danscott January 24, 2015
A college student's excuse for a smoking apparatus that uses a generic soda bottle and a straw. The straw is inserted into the side of the 2-liter towards the bottom and sealed of. One person inhales a blunt or roach and exhales into the straw. The second person inhales through the cap of the 2-Liter by recycling the first persons smoke. If done correctly, three+ hits can be added to the original inhale. Another words the greatest fukn invention every.
Bro Im short on pot whip out the shotgun.
Alrite man lets do this
by AH7THEJOKER January 12, 2012
When one puts lit side of joint into mouth and uses air from lungs and blows smoke into an other persons mouth. Commonly used in Ottawa.
hey does anyone want a shotgun off this joint?
by LEO1988 June 04, 2010
1.To answer a multiple choice test by guessing the letter without even looking at the question itself

2.A quick drawback answer to make somebody STFU
1.John's teacher said they only have five minutes left thats why he shotgunned his unanswered items.

Michael: "I heard your mama so stupid,she got tripped over a wireless phone"

Ray: "That's ok,at least I aint ugly as you are that whenever you pass through a toilet,it flushes"

Angelo: "Oooh..Damn..Ray shotgunned you man..Boom!"
by tabula_migz_rosa January 19, 2007
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