A word which someone would shout to rightly claim something before anyone else could claim it, a word which no one dares to argue against, a word that is final.
Guy 1: "Oh, look, theres a spare bit of cake over there!"

Guy 2: "Shotgun!"

Guy 1: "Dammit!"
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by Sofa_King123 February 03, 2009
A drinking game, also known as shoties.

Played with beer in a can, usually Coors Light (hence "Silver Bullet"). You must make a hole at the side of the can near the bottom that is roughly the size of a coin. (a proper shotie hole is a clean cut sqaure) Obviously tilt the can on an angle upside down so when you make the hole, so no beer runs out. You can cut using a house/car key, or a knife.

Make the hole so it compliments your opening hand, (lefty, righty) and how you will open the top of the beer. Because what you have to do is, when spectator(s) counts down from five, on the 1 count you must put your mouth on the hole, (you can start with your mouth on it already) tilt the beer upright, open the can, and chug it... All within that 1 count.
You will finish the beer in about 3 seconds because of the air escaping through the top, and will get lightheaded fast and drunk as fuck later. (No oxygen mixed with beer while consuming; alchohol goes straight through your system)

The point of the game is you want to chug your beer the fastest out of everyone; you play with about 3-4 people, until the 24 is finished. The last person to finish each shotie,(if finishes) is named "nurse". Also, it is mandatory that when all players are done their shoties, (especially winners) they hold their can up and pour the remaining drops; if a good amount of beer pours out, (enough to mop the deck) then they will also receive the "nurse" title as well, and 2nd place will be winner.
If the number of players are odd and there isn't enough beer for everyone to play in the final shoties, then the 2 or 3 fastest of the bunch will shotie.

Overall winner will receive title of "Shotgun King", and will receive shotgun privileges on the ride home. No one else can challenge the passenger seat if it is won by said "Shotgun King", even if someone else calls shotty to get dibs on passenger seat.
This rule applies for the whole week or at least until the next party, where someone can challenge the "Shotgun King" for their title and privileges.
Glover: Yo, are you grabbin juice for PJs jam man?
Sabz: Bro I'm getting a 24 of Coors all cans runnin shoties all night bro first t all day

Shawn: Dude, where's Sabz?
Marko: Outside running shotguns.
Shawn: Fuck eh, he's been running shoties all night. What a tank.
Marko: Yeah, he's the Shotgun King.
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by Theycallmesabz July 10, 2008
When used in the context of seating in cars, "shotgun" means the passenger seat, so called because in police cars, the unit's mandatory shotgun used to be holstered in the passenger seat.
I'll drive, you ride shotgun. The girls will sit in the back.
#shotty #shotgun #shot #passenger #frontseat
by KayCeeBee February 05, 2008
Something I keep under my bed next to the Frank Thomas aluminum bat.
I have top-notch home security system, equipped with dogs.
by saints_60426 November 13, 2003
The calling of 'dibs' or first take on an 1.object, 2.activity, or 3.person. Little know it can be used outside of calling for a seat in an automobile.

Shotgun is a Man Rule that MUST be upheld by all.
1. "Dude, I got shotgun on the Mt. Dew."
"I so got shotgun on the bed, you're sleeping on the futon."
"If we play madden I got shotgun on the Pats."

2. "Dude, I got shotgun on checking mysapce."
"Shotgun on the first slice of pizza!"
"Shotgun on doing the obstacle course first."

3. "When they break up I got shotgun on insert boy/girl's name
"Shotgun on insert last name here as my Quarterback!"
#shotgun #dibs #calling #man #rule
by Andy Orem November 06, 2007
A method of smoking cannabis...
THe smoker puts the joint inbetween the middle finger and the other one what ever its called, puts 'his' hand into a fist shape and breaths through the thumb and index finger.
'coughs' WOOOOO that was a good shotgun
by Mr xD February 20, 2005
When someone takes a blunt, puts it in thier mouth and blow the smoke to someone to the other end.
Yo give me a shotgun
by cheddah November 17, 2003
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