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To call the rights to anything in any given situation. wuuuurrrpp can also be used to the same effect. Anyone disobeying the shotgun rules swiftly becomes the recipient of a dead leg
1. Shotgun place on the bed.
2. Shotgun biggest slag in the club 2nite. Not 'biggest'!!
3. Shotgun not sitting next to Frenchy!
4. Shotgun being first to rape harding
by The Circle April 11, 2005
1. A smoothbore gun that fires shot over short ranges.

2. The act of inhailing marijuana smoke forced into one's mouth by another's exhaling.

3. To obtain by coercion.

4. To ride shotgun is to ride next to.
1. Jane heard her dog barking so she loaded her shotgun.

2. At the party everyone was setting around smoking and shotgunning weed.

3. Vicky was hopping for a shotgun wedding because she was pregnant.

4. I hate it when you ride shotgun to me, you make it hard for me to drive!
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
shotgun (n): the hole in the side of the chamber of a pipe (generally glass) used for smoking marijuana and other herbs. the shotgun is covered for the majority of the hit, meaning that the smoker inhales less air along with the smoke.

shotgun (v): to blow marijuana smoke into someone else's mouth. this can be done by either blowing into a blunt or a joint and forcing the smoke out the other end or by inhaling the smoke and then blowing it into another's mouth.
1) "Make sure you cover the shotgun when you hit that"
2) "Can we shotgun this hit?"
by mells January 05, 2005
1. To perfom an alcohol shotgun , poke a hole in the bottom of a can of beer, then slightly open the tab. (Helpful to suck the fuck out of the can before that shit spills everywhere.)

2. When smoking marijuana, a shotgun is perfomed by inhaling the smoke, then blowing it into the mouth of a nearby buddy or bitch. Really easy way to get high.
1. Jimmy and Sarah wanted to get real fucked up, real fast, so they shotgunned a few Buds.

2. At the party, Sarah-Ann and Michael were smoking weed and Sarah-Ann decided to help Michael get high, so she gave him a shotgun.
by John Malcolm October 22, 2005
1 To lay claim to the front passenger seat, you call shotgun.

2 lay claim to something else, particularly in reference to something sordid, such as a preferred orafice, before anyone else.

Shotgun the mouth!
by Evil Lord Satan April 20, 2005
A word which someone would shout to rightly claim something before anyone else could claim it, a word which no one dares to argue against, a word that is final.
Guy 1: "Oh, look, theres a spare bit of cake over there!"

Guy 2: "Shotgun!"

Guy 1: "Dammit!"
by Sofa_King123 February 03, 2009
2) when smoking weed, someone holds the lit end of a spliff between their teeth and blows the smoke into another person's mouth.

3) to drink a beer extremely fast by poking a hole in the bottom, and then popping the top. it creates a vaccum and you get drunk reall fast.
2) man this shit is good...would anyone like a shotgun?

3)man i wanna get drunk....i should shotgun this beer.
by the surly mermaid May 27, 2005