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When someone takes a hit then exhales it into someone else's mouth and their lips touch.
Katie: Did you take a hit?
Becky: No, Bobby gave me a shotgun kiss
Katie: Those are the best kinds
by Mrs. Dylan O'brien August 08, 2011
A Shotgun Kiss is made by inhaling weed and then exhaling the smoke into the another persons mouth and the lips touch.
I said I,
I've been waitin' all damn day for you to come on over
Girl come roll this weed up with me, I'm gon' smoke you
Come and gimme shotgun kisses, shotgun kisses, shotgun kisses to me

- Shotgun Kisses by Dizzy Wright.
by DizzyDuke August 11, 2013
When someone sticks the barrel of the shotgun in someones mouth and pulls the trigger blowing all evidence of a head on the floor or wall behind them.
The shotgun kisses i gave them were messy yet beautiful.
by Sh0tgunKisses April 02, 2008
1. Shooting someone in the mouth with a shotgun
2. Coming so hard during a blowjob that you make your woman gag
1. Bobby Joe gave a coon a shotgun kiss
2. Her throat was hurting after that shotgun kiss
by Mr. Good Sir March 27, 2008
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