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a baller who exhibits cockiness and attitude by yelling "in", "nothin' bu' net", "money", etc. before his shot hits the rim, in an effort to imply that he is skilled enough to place full confidence upon his shot without seeing the result.
That shot caller didn't even need to look after he took a shot from half courtl; he just threw it up and walked away.
by Hammad Khan July 12, 2005
The person responsible for calling out the final cum shot on a porn shoot.
"Tom over there is the shot caller."
by H4ta September 25, 2009
One who sees all and allows others to
control the aim until the shot caller
feels the need to guide.

See picture under Grant G.
A fool for barb ones says .but whoes really the shot caller.
by Grant Gallegos January 06, 2004
One who purchases "called shots" (IE those that are more expensive such as Hennessy or Grey Goose) rather than cheaper "well" drinks.
If you can afford 20 inch blades on your Impala, you should also be a "shot caller" and get Grand Marnier instead of Albertsons Brand triple-sec like a scrub.
by Elitist Bartender April 21, 2006