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an individual who runs the prison, even respected by the guards. the wardon of the inmates, runs the asylum, unbreakable, high commisary status, mostlikely a lifer and deadly. always keeping people from taking his place.
example being michael santos is a fuckin shot caller
by joshua001 February 26, 2007
an individual in a gang who has a high status. This person "calls the shots", but he dosen't carry it out, hes already done that role, hence his elevated status.
Shot caller: Go kill this dude named tone, you can find him on 34th street, apartment 419.
by drew December 25, 2003
someone who calls the shots
gonna be a baller, shot caller!
by Holla Back! January 26, 2003
He/she who calls the shots. i.e. decides what's going down.
Dat phlix is sum ill bigballer and a shotcaller
by phlix June 26, 2003
A word used in Counterstrike; Someone that walks into a warzone and leaves it while alive.
Scott's a shot-caller.
by Dr PoLiSh April 15, 2004
a baller; a player; someone who calls all the shots around him.
by Al January 20, 2003
called a shot
Wanna be a baller, shot caller?
by Raquel Nicole January 20, 2003