a short piece of cat5 cable used to connect two devices that are of close proximity
ill sent you the pics over lan, I'll connect with a shorty
by Bowen_121 April 07, 2008
word with quite similar meaning as terms like „lolita“ or „nymphet“, describing a sexually attractive girl with both, childlike and feminine attributes in terms of body and behavior.

used in modern Latin-American youth-cult’s language, which often adapts English expressions particularly in the lyrics of their songs (especially Spanish HipHop & Reggaeton)

from my sprachgefühl, "shorty" is not put into context with pedophilia as much as "lolita" or "nymphet"

But as this term frequently gets interpreted as a dismissive and crude adjective, I'd never use it to define a girl's looking or personality.

As mentioned above, you'll find "shorty" in certain kinds of music where use is made of vulgar language. (Don't rate me down because of this statement! I'm not intending on being offensive - that’s just how it is. I actually like that music...)
Part of the lyrics taken from the song “Shorty” by “Los Leones”:

(In this song a boy/man basically sings about a girl he finds himself attracted to not being able to get with her because she is too young)

...Hey Shorty, dime la verdad, ¿cuál es tu edad?...
(Hey Shorty, tell me the truth, how old are you?)

…ella dice que es grande ya pero es una niña / ella es una shorty, pa', de corta edad…
(she says that she is a big girl (meaning adult) but she is a girl / she is a Shorty of young age)

as you can see, here "shorty" is used in a provocative, appetent way

please don’t overvalue this translation as I did it myself without being familiar with the Spanish language ;)

by the way: I recommend this song, it's nice to listen to :)
by lingualtrasure June 02, 2009
A female companion in whome you enjoy spending party and intamate time with. However you would probably never take her out to dinner or let her meet your mother.
"Hey shorty, u down for the club, few drinks, then after hours at my spot this weekend?.... Hit me up then... see u aroud...."
by siguy August 18, 2009
A regular ciggarrette ..not a 100
Afta i blazed i was feenin for a bogie and every1 only had shorties and i only smoke 100s so i robbed some white boys for money to buy a pack.
by JeA ! August 24, 2005
Most commonly meant to denote either a woman or a child.
Ey boo, wha's yo' name, shorty.
by ATLFreshNClean October 31, 2003
1.) Newly initiated gang member reffering to either males or females. Ussually age ranged 14-17. Used primarily if male as drug runners or scouts. If female she would be available for sex to anyone in the gang.

2.) Used to reffer to any young female (14-17) whom one would want to have sexual relations with.
Yo dog we got ourselves 3 new shortys to use, what we got in mind for em to B doing.
by CD April 12, 2003
Other meanings of 'shorty' would be
1. a short-time girlfriend*
2. a girlfriend material**

* - the equivalent Filipino term would be 'shota'
** - equivalent to 'panext' in Filipino
1. I just broke up with my recent Shorty.
2. Whew, a shorty just passed!
by FilipinoAmerican August 07, 2008
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