a short piece of cat5 cable used to connect two devices that are of close proximity
ill sent you the pics over lan, I'll connect with a shorty
by Bowen_121 April 07, 2008
all your kids legitamite or illagitamite
-Wheres all your shorty's?
- yo fool lookie here noe dey all be wit dey babies momma's cuz fo sho!
by mooseknuckles November 12, 2002
the best skate gear
Yo Toan Nguyen is on the Shorty's team and he is the best.
by Asian Dude August 03, 2003
When one defecates instead of farting.
Dude, i just did a shorty. Man i thought it was safe.
Bro you better clean that up before it creeps down your leg
by Rastaman36 May 16, 2009
A cigarette that has been put out to smoke later. Usually smoked by broke folks.
Damn, got no cigarettes, no money...I wonder if theres a shorty in that ash tray.
by Fatboyinc December 03, 2007
A shorty is a smart, beautiful, and all around perfect woman. Shorties often flock together looking fabulous and are the life of any party. Associated with the two original 'Shorties' Ashley Hartzell and Desiree' Walsh.
Hey Shorty?????? :)
by Shorty#1 October 11, 2011
a short (5'2 or less) slut.
Dude, that shorty hooked up with 3 guys at that frat last night!
by Sasa McHelty September 22, 2009
Also used as term for child, or pre-adolescent.
Once heard supermarket manager in Baltimore yell: "Hey Shorty! Stop bouncing that basketball in here!" 10 year old complied.
by B-more hata January 29, 2005
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