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Has more than one meaning but is generally a term to describe a young woman amongst urban minorities. Shorty can mean:

- A female that is usually young in age/around her teens that is attractive.

- The man will use the term "shorty" to get the attention of a female that he is not familiar with but looking to talk to and possibly get her phone number.

- A man can also refer to a female as his shorty to imply her status as only being a just a girl friend that he chills with and more than often is also his fuck partner. She could be his woman on the side or one of other women he has a sexual relationship with.

- A man can either refer to a girl as shorty meaning that he doesn't care for her anymore than a girl friend or fuck partner. Or he can refer to the female as shorty implying that she is his down ass chick.
"Ay, check shorty out with that bangin' ass body."

"Ay shorty! What's your name?"

1: "Who was that fine ass female you were ridin' wit the other day ma dude?"

2: "Naw, that's just my shorty right there. She always down for whateva."
by m-t-a July 01, 2006
One of the defining characteristics of the sexes is their respective genetalia.

The term "shorty" refers to the small (by comparison to males) female organ of erectile tissue known as a clitorus.

Hence, it is a term used to refer to a female.
That is a girlshorty. I know this because she has a clitorus.
by litsmoke June 06, 2005
a young smokin hot chick is a shorty.
Heatherk18 is a total shorty.
by crashmedia October 23, 2007
baby, hunny,girl/boyfriend, etc.
shortie like mine
Nick Jonas is Shana's shorty
by Lyssawoah October 14, 2007
buddy,pal,friend,guy,comrade,dude,etc. used with friends or aquaintences
wassup shorty? ya'll gettin into anything tonight?
by thermobox February 26, 2005
basically its just a girl
Shorty be checkin up on you But if baby girl only knew
by this one July 23, 2003
big ass'd bitchhhhhhhhhhhhh
dat shorty is fiinnneee.
by amdizzle and kdizzle February 19, 2008
a hot girl who most guys wanna get have sex with or make out with
Damn! That shorty so fly I wanna hook up wit her tonite
by kitkat_699 December 30, 2005