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a group of sluts controled by a cooner who tells them to wear a skirt everyday . hated even by their own group members
shorty crunk loves dick
by anti crunk April 10, 2005

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cooner kill
1. group of the ugliest, most unattractive hoes to ever drag their loose vaginas through the bghs halls.
2. bunch of hoes who try to name themselves (unsucessfully) like the sharks
3. biggest wana be sluts ever with hairy ass vagy buttholes (plus a few with dingleberries)
"I, Alexis A, of Shorty Crunk, hereby admit that I tuck my nuts up thru my crack to make it look like i have a vagina but we all know that my fat ass legs and kankles prove that I'm actually a man. I know that I'm a slut, but I love it when guys dump and jizz on my chest and thats the only reason I have acne there, I swear its not Herpes II!!!"
a group of girls that renames their group of friends every month. A few of the girls smell. See kill.
Ex: Let's get shorty crunk on New Years.
by Lil Flip January 09, 2005
Random Shit.
Means Nothing.
Noone should ever say it.
Two words that have nothing to do with anything.
whooo i love shorty crunk<3
by everyguy who knows those girls January 08, 2005
1. man dis jus a buncha mo fo-kin tricks who get it crunk(pst) on da mo fo-in weekend. lil kids get crunk-er den dem on da mo-fo-in weekends drankin apple juice
2. something
said all the time
3. leader--> cooner she eats em...
titty mick tit fuck: man dat shorty crunk shol is a buncha doped up crack whores
Made love to your mom lastnight: sheeeeeut i kno mo fo
the greatest group of 9 girls ever to walk bghs's halls
by suck it boys February 17, 2005